This photo has absolutely no connection with what I'd like to write about.
This photo was taken at bedtime on my last night with Solomon. He was really sick. He was also 17 years old. I was thinking about him today and how much I miss him. That cat heard all my stories. He was my closest buddy through all the most critical formative years of my life. He heard about every boyfriend, every crush, every over-dramatic situation. He watched me grow up. Pets certainly are special gifts aren't they? I wonder if you remember a pet similar to my Solomon? Anyway, I thought I'd post this photo in honor of him today.

I've been aching to blog for a while now. I'm finally in a more stable place in life, in a place where I have things worth sharing. I'm growing again. I'd like to be more consistent with sharing my life and my photos with you. For all of you who have been begging for me to write... this is for you :) I cannot promise anything astounding. Living in Korea provided endless entertainment screaming to be shared! But those days are over and I'm not sure how many great stories I can pull from my 8:00-5:00 life at US Bancorp Fund Services. I'll try though, I'll try. Currently, my puppy is shredding a pair of underwear she pulled from the hamper and prancing around the room as if she's won the Canine Nobel Prize. I suppose I've got a story right there eh?

Now, I'm going to try something new, and I'm relying on YOU to help me! I'll fail without your help! I'm in the midst of writing on a certain topic and I'd like to ask you a question. Your answers may or may not help me write, and I may or may not share pieces of your thoughts in my next post. Feel free to be an anonymous commenter.

What's the most generous gift you've ever received and how did it make you feel?