cherish with me

"autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower"
~albert camus


my dear brother

Quite often, my brother and I are confused for a "cute dating couple". Oh!!!! the comments we receive! One time at a sporting event we almost got caught on the main camera for the "kiss cam" where they spot out any random couple and make them kiss on camera in front of the whole arena. We dodged that one! At the Milwaukee County Fair some guy was trying to hit on me and he threatened my brother:) The guy said, "Mmm, I'm gonn steal her from you!"

There are some moments however...when I smile and think....

....Who WOULDN'T want to date a guy like this?

(Dustin and Nick, dressed and ready, pretty in pink!)

(mullett boy!)



There are moments that sneak up on me, moments that make me feel balanced.
These moments bring a subtle joy to my senses, making even my breathing feel like it's inspired. These eminent moments arrive from nowhere certain,
but they bring a sense of familiarity that make me feel at home.
Today my skin is crawling with a simple happiness to be alive.
With my lips sinking into the foam of my cappuccino,
with Arvo Part playing in the background,
with the company of my craziest friend...
I'm thankful,
truly thankful for this life.

More thoughts to come soon, most probably after the weekend has passed. More stories, pictures, and love to YOU....stay tuned!



So, I'm studying to take the GRE. I've got this really great book that is helping me feel prepared. Here is what I've learned today:

**note: these statements were drawn directly from my book.

You'll do better on the GRE by putting aside your feelings about real education and surrendering yourself to the strange logic of the standardized test.

Remember when you were a kid and you thought that the people on TV were actually inside the television? Well, that's sort of like what's happening with the GRE. It's as if a diabolical little ETS Elf is hanging out inside the computer, crafting your test as you go along.

Don't try to psychoanalyze the Elf or to get inside his head.

Don't eat anything, you know, "weird" on the day of the test.

I'm sure this list of quotables will grow as I keep studying. At least they keep you smiling in the midst of crushing your brain!!!

Think of me please!!