dearly beloved

We are all gathered together. We are celebrating the love of special people. We are here as witnesses, as friends, as family and community. We come from Ireland, Australia, Hawaii, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Washington, Minnesota, Oregon (and some other places) and we are here in Mexico.
We are blessed.
Vanessa and Ryan, may you be truly happy.

Many of us here were together at L'Abri at one time or another. How awesome it is to watch these friendships grow, to watch new friendships develop, and to see that love has bonded us together. I can only imagine that God smiles when L'Abri people gather together. I'm smiling, that is for sure!

Enjoy the pictures. I've gotta go, Mexico needs my attention!

Kevin peforming the ceremony.

Me, with a new friend Brian.

Audra and Vanessa (post dancing).

Sheree and Austin laughing. I love it when they laugh!
Kevin and Sheree being...well...Kevin and Sheree!

Vanessa and Kevin and myself.



It is 3:30 in the morning. I am spending the night at O'Hare airport, in transition from California to Mexico. The floor is cold cement, the rafters are making an annoying buzzing sound, and there is a woman snoring a snore that echoes. I'm not complaining, this is just the sort of adventure that happens, the kind that I don't mind allowing.

I am well prepared. I have a big beach blanket spread out on the floor for some added comfort. I'm wearing my fleece socks. I have my llama slippers if I really need them. I've got a travel pillow, a jacket made into a blanket, and my lovely iPod (Irwin is his name). It's not bad, really.

I'm reading a great book called "The River Why" by David James Duncan. The first few chapters left me bored and annoyed at the characters and the subject matter. I was disappointed. I made a commitment to read 50 pages before I decided to change books. Now I can't put it down, I don't want it to end.
Questions, deep questions are driving the main character Gus. Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? What is life? Is there a God? Does it matter? What does this possible God think of me? He is a simple fisherman, consumed by everything fishy. He is passionately self indulged. He is on top of his world...which mind you is a very narrow fish centered world. And boom! He is bombarded with these questions and these feelings and he is so consumed by them that he is kicked so deep into a depression that demands his attention. He starts to awaken to the real world around him. He notices the beauty within creation, the beauty in other people, and the clever synchronicity of his own existence with nature. He realizes that everything is connected. Maybe life's meaning is found in the water. Maybe life's meaning is found in relationship with other people. Perhaps the sky speaks more than we take the time to listen. And if there is a God, maybe his beauty is found once we allow ourselves to become beautiful.

Here I sit, sleep, turn over, bundle up, turn over, sit up...on the cold cement floor of the shuttle lobby. I can't help but welcome my surroundings. I can't help but to be aware that my life is as intricate as the world is diverse. Traveling kicks me out off of my one track mind, puts me in touch with other people, and makes my story so much bigger. Why? Where is the meaning? I'm just going to let my life keep asking those big questions.

Just a few more hours and I'll be on my way to Mexico. SO EXCITING!!!


in the most lush desert

I'm in California. Palm Springs to be exact.
Life here is slow, but wholesome. I'm spending quality time with my grandparents, relaxing in the sunshine, reading books, eating well, and sleeping soundly.

These are the first things I noticed when I arrived. The palm trees, the mountains, and these bright orange flowers. I love them!

Good food is always included in visits with grandparents. Perhaps that's why they are so "grand"? I don't know but Papa Don didn't hesitate to give me his cheesiest smile when I raised the camera. Steaks! Yum!

Chico the dog has been keeping me company when the "old folks :-) " are busy.

The humming birds are everywhere! It helps that we feed them. They are fearless too and allow you to get really close. This one was on the back patio. You can see the wings as a little blur around it's body. They are such fascinating birds!

Here's another one.

So I'm soaking in some sunshine, swimming in the 86 degree pool, and reading some great books. Life is tough :-)
More to come later, with love!


time out

Well I guess my blog is on summer vacation too. Sorry folks.

I'm working through some deep thoughts. I finally have the time to face myself. I'm always asking big questions, but now I'm finally enjoying time to find answers. Maybe "enjoying" isn't the best word. Coming face to face with convictions, integrity, attitudes, actions... sometimes I wish I could just ground myself, or give myself a spanking, or I wish that I could stand with my nose in the corner and then let the punishment be over. I remember when I was a kid and dad restricted me from riding my bike for a week. That was torture! Or once I had to go to bed directly after dinner time for 3 days in a row! That was torture too! I wish I could torture myself the same way...torture myself into being the woman I need to be.

Well, check back soon, I imagine I'll have some things to say. I am learning a great deal about myself. I'm also enjoying many moments with friends. Those moments are my favorite.

Hey...this could be fun. Tell me about your worst childhood punishments!


summer vacation

"So April, what did you do today?"

....and I answered "Absolutely nothing!"

Ahh, summer break is so delightful!


out walking

So I'm back home in Zion for the next 5 weeks. I guess no matter where my life takes me I will always consider this place to be my home town. I've been away for a long time, it's strange and yet comforting to retrace paths from childhood, especially some of my favorite play places.

Yesterday I enjoyed a long walk with Maxine our family dog. The summer weather was so inviting and without even realizing it, we walked for 2 1/2 hours. The birds were singing, and I could hear the frogs, and there were deer walking through the tall grasses. I have walked this stretch of land so many times but for some reason the forest seemed so much more alive.

Here are a few pictures from the afternoon. You can see the rest of them on my flickr page. Nature is beautiful isn't it? I find it inspiring. It is rustic and beautiful, perfect and struggling and changing and blooming and growing. Such is life.










they done got married!

Weddings. Huge moments, full of anticipation, full of excitement.

And now this wedding is a moment in the past, a memory.
And it is a beautiful one.

You'll have to keep watching for wedding photos here, and on their blog. Here are two of my favorite engagement pictures. Gosh, I love these two people!

Here's a picture of the girls (minus Lisa---Lisa we missed you!) We enjoyed some fondue downtown before relaxing around a bonfire.

And then ridiculously early the next morning we went to get our hair done. I think this was when it really started to sink in for me...my sister was really getting married! MY SISTER!

Here is Stacey with the hair stylist. I don't remember her name but she was great!

Stacey's hair was a piece of fine art!

That's all folks, more pictures later...and it will probably be a while because I didn't really take many pictures with my camera. I was kind of preocupied. I guess that's why you hire a professional right? I can't wait to see all of the moments she captured.
The wedding was wonderful. I have NEVER seen my sister so happy. She came alive! We had fun, we cried a few tears, we had some special moments, and did I already mention that we had fun?!
More posts to come soon, and we have another wedding reception next week so here's a toast to round two!

the cute old folks

Here's a short little post. Thought maybe my cute parents would make you smile.