they done got married!

Weddings. Huge moments, full of anticipation, full of excitement.

And now this wedding is a moment in the past, a memory.
And it is a beautiful one.

You'll have to keep watching for wedding photos here, and on their blog. Here are two of my favorite engagement pictures. Gosh, I love these two people!

Here's a picture of the girls (minus Lisa---Lisa we missed you!) We enjoyed some fondue downtown before relaxing around a bonfire.

And then ridiculously early the next morning we went to get our hair done. I think this was when it really started to sink in for me...my sister was really getting married! MY SISTER!

Here is Stacey with the hair stylist. I don't remember her name but she was great!

Stacey's hair was a piece of fine art!

That's all folks, more pictures later...and it will probably be a while because I didn't really take many pictures with my camera. I was kind of preocupied. I guess that's why you hire a professional right? I can't wait to see all of the moments she captured.
The wedding was wonderful. I have NEVER seen my sister so happy. She came alive! We had fun, we cried a few tears, we had some special moments, and did I already mention that we had fun?!
More posts to come soon, and we have another wedding reception next week so here's a toast to round two!


Dustin and Stacey said...

Thanks sister! Love ya! You were the best maid of honor a girl could ask for! It was really special to share that day (and weekend) with you. Thanks!!!

TulipGirl said...

*mush, mush*