time out

Well I guess my blog is on summer vacation too. Sorry folks.

I'm working through some deep thoughts. I finally have the time to face myself. I'm always asking big questions, but now I'm finally enjoying time to find answers. Maybe "enjoying" isn't the best word. Coming face to face with convictions, integrity, attitudes, actions... sometimes I wish I could just ground myself, or give myself a spanking, or I wish that I could stand with my nose in the corner and then let the punishment be over. I remember when I was a kid and dad restricted me from riding my bike for a week. That was torture! Or once I had to go to bed directly after dinner time for 3 days in a row! That was torture too! I wish I could torture myself the same way...torture myself into being the woman I need to be.

Well, check back soon, I imagine I'll have some things to say. I am learning a great deal about myself. I'm also enjoying many moments with friends. Those moments are my favorite.

Hey...this could be fun. Tell me about your worst childhood punishments!

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Anonymous said...

Oooh man. Aside from the brutal spankings I'd receive now and then, this one stood out in my mind...

One time he made me stand in the corner with a bucket on my head. When it came time to babysit, guess what I did? Followed my dad's advice, and put a bucket on their head! My dad laughs about it now, because he can't believe he made me do that, and my mom shakes her head out of disgust. Haha