in the most lush desert

I'm in California. Palm Springs to be exact.
Life here is slow, but wholesome. I'm spending quality time with my grandparents, relaxing in the sunshine, reading books, eating well, and sleeping soundly.

These are the first things I noticed when I arrived. The palm trees, the mountains, and these bright orange flowers. I love them!

Good food is always included in visits with grandparents. Perhaps that's why they are so "grand"? I don't know but Papa Don didn't hesitate to give me his cheesiest smile when I raised the camera. Steaks! Yum!

Chico the dog has been keeping me company when the "old folks :-) " are busy.

The humming birds are everywhere! It helps that we feed them. They are fearless too and allow you to get really close. This one was on the back patio. You can see the wings as a little blur around it's body. They are such fascinating birds!

Here's another one.

So I'm soaking in some sunshine, swimming in the 86 degree pool, and reading some great books. Life is tough :-)
More to come later, with love!

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