dearly beloved

We are all gathered together. We are celebrating the love of special people. We are here as witnesses, as friends, as family and community. We come from Ireland, Australia, Hawaii, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Washington, Minnesota, Oregon (and some other places) and we are here in Mexico.
We are blessed.
Vanessa and Ryan, may you be truly happy.

Many of us here were together at L'Abri at one time or another. How awesome it is to watch these friendships grow, to watch new friendships develop, and to see that love has bonded us together. I can only imagine that God smiles when L'Abri people gather together. I'm smiling, that is for sure!

Enjoy the pictures. I've gotta go, Mexico needs my attention!

Kevin peforming the ceremony.

Me, with a new friend Brian.

Audra and Vanessa (post dancing).

Sheree and Austin laughing. I love it when they laugh!
Kevin and Sheree being...well...Kevin and Sheree!

Vanessa and Kevin and myself.


Luz said...

sounds wonderful! your dress looks great too!

TulipGirl said...

Ahhh. . . I was wondering why you were in Mexico!

Jen said...

looks like you are having a great time and you look lovely. Can't wait to see you soon.