promises broken

I've been a bit absent from this blog. Sorry everyone. I have a lot happening in my life but it seems that everying is in the beginning stages. I guess I'm waiting for time to bring about some awesome stories to share.

For now, I will share some things I've been thinking about.

What is a promise?

Where does the idea of a promise originate?

Why does it seem that so many promises are broken?

Why are we apathetic about that fact?

Why do we promise on the Bible when we promise to tell the truth?

Why is the term "promise" used so casually, just like the word "love"? I promise to always be there for you. I promise to do the dishes after dinner tonight...

If we have no way of predicting our future, then how do we so easily make promises that we intend to keep? How do we know that our future circumstances will accomodate our promises?

Why do we even make promises?

We discussed these questions at my last weeks Socrates Cafe meeting. It was incredibly overwhelming to me as I sat and listened to so many different opinions.

One woman told her own story. She was married to a man who was lazy and unsupportive. After a few years she gave him an ultimatum and said "Either get a job or I'm leaving you". He didn't get a job, so she left. But she didn't divorce him. In her eyes, she made a promise when she got married and as far as the papers show, she has still kept that promise! 5 years later they have almost no contact with each other, they live completely seperate lives, but she has kept her promise to stay married. Does the promise really matter if our hearts aren't involved? We can make ourselves feel so guilty, and so pressured...is an unbroken promise really worth all of that burden? At what cost do we make our promises?

I left the meeting dripping with confusion. I couldn't take any sides at all, I felt like I understood everyone. I felt like there was a big huge question mark forming beneath my skin.

Where do God's ideals fit in this world? You know, when Jesus was living on this earth his teachings were very hard to take. People listened to his ideals and felt like they were foreign, bizarre and impossible. Has that really changed within today's world? I feel like I'm just one more irritated and confused body. I understand what God is saying when he talks about love and grace and faithfulness...but I also want to say, "God, have you looked at the condition of this world?" Where do these things fit?

Did promises originate with God? Are the jumbled opinions of this world merely the result of people not knowing the author? Can I really apply God's methods in today's world? How? Why do we make promises? Why does it even matter?

If your head is spinning...well mine is too! But I hope that maybe I got you thinking, and I sure would appreciate your feedback.

Today I was listening to my music and I was startled at the lyrics of this song:

"I Do" by Late Tuesday

I do, for a while.
I promise you, at least for now.
And I'll love you forever, or until I say otherwise.
But I do for now.

I'll say these words to you today.
I'll look you in the eye, believe me now.
And I'll love you forever, or until I say otherwise.
But I do for now.

These words I say to you,
they mean nothing if I cannot follow through.
Is it just feelings or something more
that will hold us together?

And these things I vow are true,
but they are nothing if I cannot follow through.
And who is to say when enough is enough,
when we say this is love?

And we say this is love?

I do, for a while.
I promise you, at least for now.
And I'll love you forever,
or until I say otherwise.
But I do for now.

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