very very thank you!

This is HyoJin.
There's a bakery right across the street from my work. I visit daily for coffee and sometimes a sandwich. Sadly (or not so sadly) I've visited this bakery nearly ever week day since I arrived last June. They know me! And they like me :-)
When I walk past the window, the girls inside will wave at me. They are always feeding me samples, or trying to practice their English. Once, I saw HyoJin riding on the back of her boyfriend's motorcycle and they stopped to talk to me. She is a darling girl.
Friday was HyoJin's last day at work. She's moving to Busan which is far away from me. I'm really going to miss her smile. Kevin and I made some chocolates and I wrote her a note. She was so delighted! Now we've become buddies and she sends me sweet text messages. My favorite one so far has been "hi. very very thank you!!!"
The moral of this story is: Give a little love. It goes a long way.

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