umm, dear friends. i have an announcement to make. i'm staying here forever. thank you and goodbye.

These days I'm hanging out with some fine folks in Dee Why. It's just a hop, skip and a jump away from downtown Sydney.
Days are filled with walks along the beaches, watching surfers master giant waves, gazing at dolphins swimming merrily, reading, thinking, eating fine chocolates and cheeses, and enjoying the rich company of friends.

Here's a look at Dee Why Beach.

One night last week we drove up to a place called Northhead for a fantastic view of the city by night. It was very dark, and very cold. But also very cool.
Brennan: What's cooler? My handstand? Or the view?
Kenton: Umm...Does it have to be either/or? Can it be both/and?
April: Speechless... too busy posing dramatically.

They killed me.

April: I....just....wait....THERE! I win! I crossed the line first!
Kenton: Ehh whatever, I let you win.

There's so much to see in Sydney. It seems like every time you turn a corner there's a different sort of style, a different view, a different adventure waiting to happen.
Here's some pictures from my visit to Darling Harbour. I visited the Charles Darwin exibit at the Martime Museum. It was really interesting. My favorite part was reading through some of his letters. He was a profound writer. I never knew that.

This is a pretty good view of the city skyline.

Here's the landmark Opera House.

Kenton and Mike under the Harbour Bridge.

I spent some time hanging out at Circular Quay before catching the ferry back to Manly. There's the Harbour Bridge with some ferries coming in.

On Tuesday Kenton took me to the Blue Mountains. If I were making a list of favorite places, the Blue Mountains would be on that list. I was in reflective awe all day as we hiked and explored. Those three rock formations in the next picture are called the Three Sisters.

And this morning, Kenton and I woke up extra early and walked down to the beach to catch the sunrise. We weren't expecting much because the sky seemed quite cloudy and grey. We were however, dazzled by what felt like a joyful awakening. Even the dolphins were out jumping as we took a walk along the cliffs.

I have had an unforgettable week in Sydney. I'm doubly blessed to be in a beautiful place and also to be with some of my favorite people. I've been spending lots of time in thought, and just trying to search my heart to grow more each day. I finished reading a book called "The Life of the Beloved" by Henri Nouwen. He talks about how much God loves us, but also how everything we do or think is a chance for us to say "Yes, God, I love you too." So as I eat these meals of goodness, and as I see the sky painted with fine artistry, and as I share thoughts and words and laughter with my friends...in all I do may I never forget my place in this world.
God is good. Truly, faithfully, good.
Love you all. Sorry for the slow updates but you can see, I'm not exactly spending much time with my computer. I'm meeting my brother in 2 days and we'll begin our camping trip up the coast. Hooray!!!!


Luz said...

Aww! I miss that beanie! Both of you actually! Looks like you guys are having a splendid time.

Totally cracked up at the either/or both/and quote. Can totally hear Greg's voice. :)

Amanda Kataja said...

Holy cow, April! All of your pictures are amazing, but the magenta sunset took my breath away. Australia is now officially on my list of places to visit!

Tracey said...

April, I just have to say you are one of the most amazing people I know and I admire everything you are doing in your life. God bless! I keep you in my prayers. Thank you for your wonderful blog, your love for life and you.