much needed weekend getaway!

This past weekend I went to Door County with my parents. It was a wonderful trip! It was so great to return and re-visit all of our favorite places.
Below: pictures of our Sunday afternoon cruise. I LOVE afternoon autumn drives!
I can't even imagine what the colors were 1 week ago.

Below: Dad and I made mom quite nervous as we climbed in the caves and rocks at Cavepoint County Park.
Mom's are born to be nervous I think. It was fun! Cavepoint is such a beautiful place!

Come on Old Man!!!
My dad is the strongest dad in the whole world!
there we are!

We couldn't miss the annual Sister Bay Ping Pong Drop!

The streets were crowded with people, elbow to elbow, reaching towards the sky to catch a prize ping pong ball. No...we didn't catch anything. I'm too short! But it was fun!

Of course my parents wanted me to come along....how else are they going to find such awesome entertainment? What can I say...I'm the life of the party!


stace said...

And you didn't even invite me!!!

Eden said...

what the h? didn't even know that you had a blog till i was looking back at my comments tonight and saw a link from a comment of yours. i think i owe you an email.
xo eden