cookie night

No Mom's allowed!!! No dinner, just cookie dough! Hide-and-Seek inside the house! --In the dark!
Dancing, dancing, dancing.
WAY too much laughter.
Sometimes the best moments in life are much more accessable than we think.

These are my girls. No more diapers....just much much MUCH more goofiness than imaginable!

My role has switched from "The Best Babysitter in the Whole World" to Friend. You girls remind me to chill out, to dance a little...well, okay...to dance A LOT!
You think I'm cool, which makes me feel awesome!

You're all grown up!!! And I think you're teaching me that I still need to grow up more...

...but not without a little choreography:)

You girls make up the better part of my life.


eden said...

Hey you, that seems like lots of fun. I'm munching on a cookie right now. Isn't it crazy that Andy visited? Never thought I'd still be in touch with him! And I just got a message from Catherine (Dodd) today. I'm so thankful for you friends, even if you're far away and I wish we lived in the same neighborhood.

bogiemom said...

Ilove the pictures.....and I love that you love being with my girl! And all the girls....thanks for the night out and they are ready to do it again anytime! But next time could you do something without sugar....Caitlin has been wired since Sat. Love you