the time has come!

I'm going in for the kill!!!!!
Pray for me, sing a song for me, dance the hula, eat good food....do whatever it is that will help me get a good score on this painful GRE!
Tomorrow, FRIDAY from 12:30-4:30 I'll be using every bit of smartness that I have!

I'll be back to blogging on Monday.

Love you all!

(yay! Charles left me a comment!!!! So cool!)


stace said...

haha! Snow day!!! Gotta love it! You work and stress out and then you get a snow day! Enjoy it!!!
love ya!

TulipGrrl said...

How did it go?

I was registered (I thought) for the GRE Subject exam on Saturday. I called up to get some info and found out I wasn't in their system. *bangs head* For the past several months I thought I was registered (did it online) and then wasn't. *sigh* So I'm waiting for April. . .