I love the moments when my friends truly make me laugh.

So I wast talking with my friend today about kindness. I said, "You are such a kind person. I have such a hard time with certain uptight and unrealistic and church-ruining people...but you have such a grace in loving them."

He said, "Well, my name is [kept confidential] and it means KIND. It's who I am."

Ha ha, and then he said, "Your name is April. April means "F&@# YOU". Ha ha....sometimes that's really how I feel. I admit it.

OF COURSE that's not the Jesus in me. OF COURSE I work really hard to keep my heart and attitude in check...and OF COURSE I'm not even very proud of the fact that I am a jerk sometimes....but he surely called it! And I laughed!

Thanks friend!


Kevin said...

i'm not sure the 'f' was in the orginal comment, but it all fits!

stace said...

haha! That's great! I'm not sure I agree with the way you see yourself though! I have always seen you as a kind, forgiving and accepting person. It actually has inspired me at times. I know there are things that really bug you but we all have those.

The Domestic Intellectual said...

Hey cutie! Thanks for passing my blog on to Stacey... I am going to be moving to Chicago in May or June... we should get connected! I would like to hear how life has been for the last few years. BTW, why don't you have an Atom feed on your blog?

Greg said...

Changing the world has got to include laughing and loving.