my sister

So...I have been thinking today about how much I love my sister. She's practically the most wonderful girl that I know. She's the girl that supports me even when she doesn't understand. She believes in me when I feel afraid. She lives a life that is to be admired. She reminds me to smile.
These pictures are old, but they are full of awesome memories of two girls wandering the streets of Italy. Two girls filled with gelato and espresso, and two girls fighting off kisses from Italian men, two girls who know how to have a lot of fun. She's a great sister.

She's also really great at taking terrible terrible disgusting photos of me when I'm not expecting it. I came across a few tonight so I thought I'd share them with you. Let me just say that train rides can get long and boring at times. Stacey had no problem entertaining herself though!

(a girl can't even sleep in peace. nope, the big sister has to be a pest!)

(oh, now here's a dandy one. i don't know what in the world i was doing with my face.)

(do not be deceived. just because i am looking at the camera does NOT mean i was aware that she was taking the picture.)


Stace said...

Aww!! Tears falling down!!
Right back at ya, sistah!!
love ya!

Anonymous said...

Sisters are so wonderful! I can't imagine life without one. I enjoyed the pictures.