nightmares in bunk world

This morning someone sent out an email that said the following:

"Does anybody have or know somebody that has a set of bunk beds no longer being used?"

And then I recalled my traumatic bunk bed years. Oh the nights when my sister would shove her feet up through my mattress and throw me flying across the room slamming against the wall.

Or the time that my mattress fell through and sandwiched my sister between mattresses.

Bunk beds have scarred me for life. It's a period of life that I like to black out of my memory.

Ha ha, I'm just kidding. Those things never happened. But they're great stories eh?


Dustin and Stacey said...

haha! Nice. I remember those times. Good sisterhood times!!
nice drawing! beautiful!!!

Momma Amy said...

You're hilarious!!

While I was reading this post I thought, "Man, I don't remember them ever having bunkbeds!"

silly, selfish, and searching... said...

i always wanted bunk beds...the dorms were my dream come true :) wow, that sounds so......pathetic!