gallery night in milwaukee

Last Friday was Gallery Night in Milwaukee. It is a quarterly event where all of the art galleries and art schools in the city host an open house. It is my favorite Milwaukee event! Our church Mercy Hill also functions as an art gallery. We call it the Mercy Hill Gallery. This Friday was our second time participating in the Gallery Night festivities. We hosted two fantastic local artists Marie Scott and Shelly Rosenquist. I LOVE their work, so bright and colorful and inspiring.

The first two pictures are the work of Shelly Rosenquist and the latter two are from the brush of Marie Scott.

We also featured the music of three bands from Minnesota. The pictures here are the band Cedar Avenue. They are very good and I encourage you to listen to their music.

It was a great night, a great celebration of the arts.
Just one more reason why I am thankful for Mercy Hill Church.

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Dustin and Stacey said...

i love the art!