skating our hearts out

Tonight we went skating downtown at Red Arrow Park. I've been wanting to skate all winter but I've been so busy. Tonight was a perfect night.

You should have seen, we were amazing. I'm thinking we have some skill that we should develop. When we let loose and started creating interpretive dances, people were so amazed that they stopped to watch us. I'm sure it was because of our astounding talent and grace!


That's Katie, my roommate!

And then there was Nereus. He had some great moves!

Look at him go!

I think I caught him at an odd moment. Oops. I have a knack for that.

I really love moments spent with good friends.

The ice rink is right outside of my work building. I thought this was a pretty cool picture of my office. I work way up at the top!

Please enjoy the following little videos of my grace and talent. I'm thinking about trying out for the Olympics! I'm sure there is a gold medal with my name on it.

And now you can watch Katie and Nereus perform their couples routine!
I love being here in Milwaukee. There is so much fun to be had!


Dustin and Stacey said...

Ok! Seriously! Why were you a baton twirler? You should have totally gone into skating!!! You are amazing!!! haha!

Luz said...

can i sponsor you in the olympics?

MK said...

Is that one dude wearing glow-in-the-dark skates? Glo-stick? Lazer beams?