--I suffered through Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (not to be confused with Hoof and Mouth Disease). It was hideously terrible and miserable and gross. I had blistery hives all over my hands and feet, in between my toes, up my legs, and my tongue was covered in blister uclers. One of my tongue blisters was the size of a dime. When my boss found out I was sick she said "There's a numbing mouth spray you can get at the pharmacy, but it's for babies." I said in a whining voice "I'm a baby..." I couldn't eat anything solid or spicy or citric without my eyes filling with tears. I couldn't talk because my tongue would rub against my teeth. And to make things worse, I still had to teach all my little kids all week which required lots of energy and screaming. So...I'm fully recovered thanks to time, rest, and lots of love and prayers from people.

--It's the last week of term. My students are restless and they don't care about anything. You should see their test scores, they are embarrassing.

--I'm going home this Friday! I'm so excited to see my family and to be home for Thanksgiving. Tonight in my class I asked my students "What kinds of authentic Korean treats should I bring home to my family?" One boy said "Teacher take me! I'm authentically Korean!" It was funny.

--That's all for now. Just wanted to update you quickly.


Jen said...

And I am so glad that you come home so soon. Can't wait for coffee and talk. Miss and love you!

Sarah said...

OMG, I love the "I'm authentically Korean!" bit! hilarious!!
Glad to hear you had fun. It's so nice to see family and eat comfort food:) Too sad that we don't live near Chicago anymore to come and see you:(