feeling the love

I've been subbing for a coworker this past week.
It was actually a great joy because the majority of the students were in a previous class of mine, and they were my favorite kids!
They are fun kids, really clever, and most of them are smart and quite driven.
They work hard without threats, and they are making such great progress in their English.

But anyway, I posted these pictures for a better reason than to tell you how smart they are. They actually gave me a really hard time this week and said some of the funniest things.

"Teacher, if evil was a 10, I think you are 11."

"I think if you make me read today, you will be die."
(I always laugh when they say "you will be die")

"Teacher you have the face of an angel,
but you have the mind of a devil."
"Oh, and you're ugly."

"Teacher, I think you look like a hot dog today!"

"Teacher, I'm going to say words that are opposite of you: nice, kind, pretty, funny..."

And my favorite:
It's test time, and in the focused silence, a student bursts out with a loud chuckle.
I said "What's so funny?"
And she says "Haha, teacher, I think it's funny that you wear a black shirt with brown pants."

So I know that these are all really mean words but to me they are actually very endearing. These kids work really hard for me. They love me. They bring me presents, they hang on me during breaks, they tell me funny stories, and some of them even tell me about their problems. This week they were teaching me a bit of Korean language. These are the kids who have brought Korea into my heart. These are the kids who make me want to never leave this country. These are the kids who make me think that I've found a life-long career.

I wish you could meet them.


Mom said...

WHAT A RIOT!! They are so cute!...and totally taking over for your brother while you're away.

Anonymous said...

You wish I could meet them? lol :) I don't think I could handle them!!

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