cham-chi kimbap

Lunch today, lunch tomorrow, lunch a million times more.
I just can't get enough of it.


Esther said...

That looks delicious!

Mom said...

What exactly is it? It looks a little like sushi? but it does look like it might be tasty!

My name is April. said...

Haha, well I'm afraid to describe it because then you might think it's gross. But here you go: The outside is seaweed. And then rice. And then the inside goodness is a green leaf, carrots, cucumber, egg, pickled radish, spam, sweet spouts, tuna, and mayo. THIS is a stable in the Korean diet. Yum!!!!

Mom said...

???? Some things taste much better than they sound.
Bon Appetite!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should go to So Korea. I would certainly lose weight as I wouldn't know how to pronounce enuf words to eat!! Looking forward to your return in June. Bring home some more of those yummy treats like you did over the holidays! Especially the chocolate, NOT!!! S