time is ticking... t-time is ticking ticking...


(Roisin, Laura, ME)

8 months ago, I arrived here in Korea in an emotional frenzy. I was overwhelmed and even slightly appalled at this crazy culture. My training was humiliating, and my stomach was in knots with nerves. Wow, so much has changed!

Now it's time to start saying goodbye, or rather "see you later" to some of the most precious people. These people have walked with me through cultural chaos, and most importantly they have made my year here in Korea completely unforgettable.

The hardest part about being a traveling girl, is that every time you embark on something new, you're also saying goodbye to people you've grown to love. It's painful really.
But "Cheers!" to you girls! You are incredible and beautiful and strong and courageous and fun and you are bright and shining souls in this world. I really love you.

Thank you for letting me sit and observe your Birdie Reading class that first day. You were such a calming resource, always willing to help me understand life and work at CDI.
I've loved hearing your stories, learning about your life, your interests, your fears... You've been such an inspiration!
Thanks for all you did as HI, for all the hard work and monotonous trainings you had to attend while we all slept in :-)
Thanks for listening to my own thoughts, for encouraging me, for being vulnerable and allowing me to learn from you.
I am so honored to know you, and excited to watch your life continue to impact this world.

Thank you for being such a fun and interesting and engaging friend. Your contagious laughter is more beautiful than you realize.
I will never forget our all-night Dongdaemun shopping extravaganza and our shopping hang-over feast at the top floor of the complex :-) Wasn't that the first time we had kimchi fried rice with CHEESE!? And we ate all the burnt crispy rice? Haha.
Thank you for being such an encouraging coworker, for always being willing to help and to explain things, and to offer your own ideas and advice. You've really helped me to be a better teacher.
Most importantly I've appreciated and fully enjoyed the times we were able to hang out and talk. Thank you for sharing your life with me, for being so honest and caring. And thank you for listening to my thoughts and fears and joys.
I'm going to miss you like crazy, but at least you're still here for a few more weeks.

For everyone else who is reading this...for those of you who don't have the privilege of knowing these two lovely ladies...

I posted this for a reason. Cherish your friends. Learn about the people around you. Learn FROM the people around you. Never forget how we are all connected.


Ro said...

I can't put it as poetically as you. Therefore, I hope a simple I LOVE YOU can express everything I want to say to you in return. I deeply cherish the time I have spent with you. Thank you for also helping me through this strange and wonderful experience. xxxooo

Laura said...

No words can express how much that letter has touched me. You have been such a wonderful part of my life here in Korea, your words and thoughts were a calming element in my experience. You have touched my life so deeply, that no matter where we go next, you will forever be in my thoughts. Take good care of "I love chunks" :)
love you so much April!

silly, selfish, and searching... said...

speaking of time ticking and learning from and with those around you....YOU will be around ME very, very soon..i'm going to dig up that email that i just remembered you sent. i'm sorry. my roommate from egypt was visiting, exams, and other craziness, which i'll fill you in on has kept me running in circles with headless chickens....hmm...not a nice image, i suppose. but i'm going to respond now! love love.