and i'm off!

Well Folks, the journey has begun.
I'm currently sitting in Hong Kong airport, biding time during my 11 hour layover. Usually layovers are draining and dreadful but Hong Kong just so happens to be #5 in the worlds most favored airports. And I can see why! It's carpeted, has wide open and very clean spaces, seats without armrests, free wireless internet, a shower room (for a small fee of course) and even classical music playing over the speakers. I was able to call my parents last night, catch up on some writing, read a bit in my book, take a nice long hot shower, and I'm just about to head for breakfast.
I'm excited to embark on this phase of my life. I leave behind hilarious and adorable students, incredible friends, late nights of karaoke, street food, laughable attempts at coolness, creative challenges, and so many things I just can't even list. But as I look ahead, I anticipate blessed moments with the loved ones from previous adventures. I'll spend the next few months in the company of people I love, people who will remind me of where I've been, and inspire me with possibilities.
To some of you, I say "See you later!" I pray that we can always remember the good in one another, the way we became family regardless of our differences, and especially in a strange foreign world.
To some of you at home, I thank you so much for supporting me this year! Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for your letters, your emails, for keeping me connected with home-life, with your families, with the growth of your children...
To those of you scattered around the world, "Cheers to you!" Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, live boldly, incredibly, joyously. I cherish the love that keeps us together.

To everyone, stay tuned for more. It's time for some fun! I'm so excited!

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Amanda said...


I love you...I will never forget our times together in Korea...Have fun traveling, stay safe, and don't forget to write!