a pinch of creativity

"Enthusiasm is excitement
with inspiration,
and a pinch of creativity.”
(just a quote i read somewhere)
I don't consider myself an artist, but I find an incredible sense of satisfaction in dreaming up ways to renew old things. My home is full of former rejects, things people threw on the curb, things that had no value or beauty left in them. My father trained me well :) to collect these possible gems, to see elaborate potential in them, to make and enjoy incredible things without spending a fortune.
I'm a bit obsessed with my most recent project.
Lacking counter space in my new place I needed some piece of furniture to work as my coffee and tea station. AND I'm on a budget which means the cheaper the better. And FREE is always a great option!
And late one night, driving down my alley, I found the perfect reject. Covered in grease and cobwebs and crawling with moths... I knew it was exactly what I needed.

After some painting and loving and imagining... Voila!
It's a fantastic addition to my kitchen!

And while I was photographing my renewed masterpiece, I snapped a few photos of my new apartment. Just a few... Maybe you can notice some of the other renewed rejects :)


Oddyoddyo13 said...


Very resourceful. :)

Luz said...

Seeing that guitar reminds me of L'Abri.

You sitting there in the lounge playing...what was it..."The Smile On Your Face"?

It brought me a smile to my face. You're so creative, friend! Love how you've redeemed your furniture!

Josh said...

Wow! Great job!

Really! said...

Just blog hopping and came upon yours. Very neat what you have done. I just opened for business but your welcome to come over for a laugh;)