I just made this fantastic quinoa salad and I just HAVE to share it with you!
Quinoa (pronounced Keen Wah) seems to be a relatively unknown grain but it's just delicious and so easy to cook and it is SOOO good for you! Do a google search for "quinoa nutrition" and you'll learn heaps of great things about it!
But here, I'll just share the recipe:

1 cup uncooked quinoa
some quartered cherry or grape tomatoes
some zucchini diced up
some cucumber diced up
some red onion diced up

some cilantro chopped up
1 lime
2 tbsp olive oil
1-2 tbsp sugar

Boil 1 1/2 cup of water + 1 cup quinoa.
Once boiling, turn heat down to low, cover, and simmer for 15 minutes.
Turn off heat and let sit for 5 minutes.
Then let it cool off.

(While quinoa is cooking...) Make the dressing. Zest the lime. Then juice the lime. Add olive oil, sugar, and cilantro. This makes just enough dressing to lightly coat the salad.

Pour dressing over all the chopped veggies. Then mix in the cooled quinoa.

YUM! It's light, refreshing, and really healthy! You can also add black beans!

If you try this, let me know what you think, or if you'd change anything!


Oddyoddyo13 said...

Mmmm! Its so colorful!

Anonymous said...

So, I followed your directions and googled quinoa nutrition facts! WOW high in protein and good for you. I wanna try it. Is it like a hard grain, sounds like it since you use a cup and a half of water to one cup quinoa. Is it good hot too? Well, you don't need to find out, I can just go back to the googled page and there was one with recipes. You are such a wealth of information! xo Thanks! Sue

Dustin and Stacey said...

ok. so that looks good and I will probably have to try it. But I do like that you were so specific in the amounts of the ingredients..."some cucumber, some tomatoes, some zucchini..." hilarious!

My name is April. said...

Haha, Sue, it's great hot or cold! Sometimes it's tricky to find at the grocery store. Try the health food section. I buy it in the bulk-grain/nuts/granola/seeds isle at my Pick'n Save. And it's like rice, or barley kinda. EASY to cook and just delish!
And Stacey, yeah I know I was vague but that's how I cook! It depends on what you like :) But I know you were just giving me a hard time!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks tasty.

Kisuke said...

Okay so I was looking at this and I realized I was hungry and made it randomly at 10 pm and I hav to admit it was pretty tasty thanks for the rec. it was great!