good times with luz!

Last night I got this really great voice mail message from my friend Luz(pictured below)--I stole the picture from her blog b/c it made me laugh. You should check out her blog at www.fiatluz.com

And she re-capped some fun Swiss/Italian adventures that we shared...stories which made me smile really big, and then...you know what? I freakin cried!!!!!! I'm a freak!
But Luz, you forgot one! Remember that time when we were traveling back to Bellevue from Italy and we got off the train in Brig and then we realized we were supposed to stay on all the way to Aigle? That was crazy! We had to call home and tell them we would be late. Kenton answered the phone and told us of a great bus stop to sleep in :(
So what did we do? Well we bought salami, little cheeses, and sat on a bench on the track and listened to Barenaked for the Holidays while we waited FOREVER for the next train.
Good times Luz, good good times!

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bethany said...

i've had a hankering for some l'abri friends lately!