some things just never change

So yesterday I went to the Soup Bros. for lunch which is practically my favorite downtown lunch spot. In the pick-up window the guy has placed a few random items like Coca-cola bottles from around the world, foreign currency, and strange beverage containers from different countries. He also has this weird little juice glass, filled with something that's sort of orange-ish with a foamy top. Covering the juice glass is a glass dome. Every time I see it I always wonder what is in the glass.

So yesterday as I was taking my soup I asked, "What's in that glass?"

He said, "Orange juice. I'm dehydrating it so it becomes hard. It might be done now, go ahead and check it and see if it's solid yet."

So I did.

I pulled out the glass, flipped it over, and sure enough it was solid!

I said, "Wow, that's so cool! I mean, it's really solid and you even got the foam to turn into a solid!"

He looked at me and said, "Cool isn't it?"

And as I stood there with the glass flipped upside-down, my finger poking at the solid OJ inside the glass, he looked at me with this pathetic expression and said,

"Honey, I'm just kidding. It's a joke. It's polyerthane. You couldn't ever get orange juice to go solid like that. Dehydrated orange juice wouldn't turn into a solid."

And then I laughed. I was really embarrassed. I suppose some things just never change, specifically my gullibility!


Stace said...

"What do you do at the Missions in San Antonio?" asks April.
"Well...you sit there and pray and meditate and wait for God to reveal to you your mission in life," explains Bahne.
"So what if God doesn't tell you" asks April.
"Well, you sit and wait there until He does."
So away we went to the Missions in San Antonio!
love ya! hehe!
Good times!

April said...

Yes Stacey...and thank you for bringing that up again!!!

Mo said...

enjoying your blog.....mo