goals in life

Someone asked me, "April what are your goals in life?"
That's a question I have asked myself a million times but for some reason this time I was caught off guard. I thought for a few minutes. I'd like to share some of those thoughts with you.

In my twenty-four years of living I have accomplished some defining things. I take joy in remembering all of the places I have been and all of the people who I have met. These places, experiences and people have brought me step by step closer to the courageous and vivid woman I am trying to become. But then, as I review, I realize that most of these things were NEVER on my "goal list". In fact in most cases I have been places I never would have imagined myself. I never would have imagined myself studying in Seattle and pursuing a degree in Philosophy and Religion. And I never would have imagined myself leaving for Switzerland, traveling Europe, or growing so fond of Swiss train rides. And even now in my life, I never would have dreamt of being here in Milwaukee, living in my own little apartment, helping with a church launch, or working for a law firm. But who would I be today without all of this? Well, I suppose my original goal list would have made me into a music radio producer and a Christian counselor. And my original goals would have turned me by now into a wife and a mother. And my original goals would have never included travel.

Maybe my goals in life should have less to do with accomplishments and more to do with character.

I have all of these ideas of where I'd like to see myself in 10 years. I could quickly construct my ideal life and be very satisfied. But would I be? I want to know (and I think I'm starting to learn this) how to listen to God more. I wonder how often I'm too busy forming my perfect successful life. I wonder how often I miss moments of inspiration because the ideas don't fit in with my own ideas.

Will I go to graduate school? Possibly. Will I get married and have a family? I hope so... Will I ever teach? Will I publish? Will I do missions? Will I? Will I? Will I? I don't know anymore. But what I DO know is that I love my life. I love the feeling of living ON PURPOSE and being brave enough to do the things that seem crazy. Crazy doesn't have to be irrational. Crazy can be brave and new and inspiring.

So let's go back to the original question. "April, what are your goals in life?" I recently saw a quote on my friends MySpace page. It said, "I want to change the world around me--subtract around me". Cool huh? I'm starting to learn that my effect upon this world has little to do with the things I achieve. I am seeing that people care more about who I am. I want to BE great. My goal is to keep living every second with a few moments in between to stop and listen for new direction. Now, for those of you who are now concerned that this means I want to float from place to place for the rest of my life...that doesn't have to be the conclusion. I just don't want to be so busy gluing together my life that I fail to see all the things I'd rather become.

Okay. So what are your goals in life? Write me back if you feel like it.

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Jasie said...

I loved reading some of the things you are thinking about! Amen to goals for character - I shudder to think of what my life would look like had I gotten what I originally wanted.