i could have died or something!!!

A few days ago I was at home and I really REALLY wanted to make some toast with peanut butter on it. But guess what? I didn't have any peanut butter at home.
So I went to the store and I bought some.
But then I got distracted, and by the time I got home I didn't really feel like peanut butter anymore.

Then the next day at work there was a news report out about Peter Pan Peanut Butter. It caught my attention because that's my FAVORITE KIND!!! and that's the kind I bought.
The report said that salmonella was found in Peter Pan Peanut Butter's with the jar code starting with 2111. There were 300+ reports of illnesses.

When I got home, I checked my jar of peanut butter. INDEED, its code started with 2111.
Well, gosh...it's a good thing I had lost my craving for peanut butter toast!
I could have died or something!!!
So all of you people who have been really bad at writing back to me...just think of that! I could have died from peanut butter!!! You all should write me more often :-)


Stace said...

haha! Good and very dramatic way to get responses! I'm glad you didn't die!

MOM said...

WOW, That would have been terrible.
The world would be short one BIG DRAMA QUEEN!!!!
Love and kisses,XOXOX