Hey guess what? I won ANOTHER vacation!!! Cool for me right?
Well, here are the details:

--It is a vacation for 2.

--I can choose between Las Vegas and Orlando.

--I have to pay a $299.00 service charge per person. (totalling $598.00)

--I have to pay for my own airfare to get to the place of my choice.

So...tell me again what I won? I think I won a chance to spend a lot of money!
I guess I won a free hotel stay, and maybe some free food or something.

I went to the wedding expo a few weeks ago. Yes..I went to a wedding expo. I know I won't be getting married for another 25-some years, but I want to be prepared ya know? Besides, if I want to do a vintage style wedding, it's probably smart to pick my favorite things now. That way they will be labeled "vintage" when I'm actually ready to get married. I'm so smart!!!
But anyways, I went to this wedding expo and I had so much fun signing up for all the free stuff. And I keep getting calls from different booths telling me that I won. Do they just give out a prize to everyone who signs up or am I really REALLY lucky? The only booth that hasn't called me back with a prize was the "naughty product" booth. Maybe I'm not THAT lucky.

But you know what is else is kinda funny? When they told me that I can choose between Orlando and Vegas I was just like "eh...cool I guess". I have become such a vacation snob! Come on, how many other amazing places are there to go?!!! How about a vacation to Antarctica? Or how about a vacation to the Czech Republic? Or how about a vacation to Spain or Greece? I suppose I could settle for Orlando and go to that one Disney park that has little quasi-countries. It could maybe sort of feel like I am traveling the world.

Whatever, I thought I'd share the good news with you! Don't you wish YOU could be this lucky?!

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Stace said...

You are stinking funny!!
Congrats!! Are you taking me with you?? I want to travel the Disney Countries with you!! :)