favorite thing about autumn #32

A scrimmage in the sky. I wish I knew what these birds were really doing. With such excitement and pride they dive up and down and around. Thousands of birds, soaring together as one big united blob :) Is it the bird military doing their drills? Is it a bird dance team performing to the music of downtown traffic? Is it a race? Is it a party?
These birds have been out nearly every night for the past month. They have been making circles in the same spot of sky, right above my office building. They play, and then they are gone...until tomorrow. How many more tomorrows will they come?
Yes, this is one more reason for me to love this season. Hah, I didn't intend to make that rhyme :)


Dustin and Stacey said...

wow! Nice pics! It's so funny to watch birds fly together! It's amazing how they all stay and turn together. Just like synchronized swimming...in the sky!!

Momma Amy said...

Great Pictures! I have been noticing the birds quite a bit lately. I agree with Stacey, it really is amazing how they all work together.