getting 5 people to agree on something is NOT easy!

What did it take??? 2 hours?!!! to decide on the perfect Christmas tree? I liked one but it was too fat. Dad liked one but it had tumors on it. Nick liked one but...well...I won't comment. Mom liked one but it was too skinny, Stacey liked one but it was too tall. Good grief! When we finally decide, no one really cares any more. All we are thinking about at that point is the hot chocolate waiting for us in the barn.
But see below, the Perfect Cardinal Family Christmas Tree for 2007!

It was really cold.

But not too cold for dad to do a little Christmas Tree jig.


Momma Amy said...

Fun times!

silly, selfish, and searching... said...

awww...i want a white christmas...white with snow, not sand! :) i guess i'll take what i can get~! thank you for FINALLY posting..i was getting a bit depressed.....withdrawals and all...it's pathetic but true ;)