Three Times Now!!!

So I know I'm not a morning person but I usually have en0ugh focus to control myself. This morning however I am beside myself! My words are coming out all jumbled and it's really annoying!
I am sitting at my desk, savoring my winter blend coffee from Einstein Bagels, and working on some projects. The phone rings (it's my job to answer it) so I pick up the phone, press the button and say "Good na na..."
Baffled, I try to recover. "Good M-O-RNING" I say, forcing myself to enunciate. I can only wonder what the caller is thinking.

And this would be fine if it happened once, a little slip of the tongue...we all have our moments right? But I've done this THREE TIMES already and I've only been here for an hour! Good grief!


Mom said...

Hey, At least you didn't say,
"Good morning........can you help me?" Ha HA!

Dustin and Stacey said...

haha! Nice!
What would we do without coffee??

haras said...

April, I thought you might like this website....


it's a word game where each time you get a word right, they will donate 10 grains of rice!! It's kind of addicting. haha.

Momma Amy said...

I hope you are talking better these days. :)

What you been up to?