home again home again jiggity jig!

So many of you have been asking about my apartment. Here are some pictures.

Well, there it is, see it? That's it! Don't blink, or you'll miss it!

Here is my kitchen. It's perfect. And it is finally complete with a pound of Caribou coffee! Thanks mom. I'm having a moment with my coffee right now as I'm posting this blog.
It's a little weird having my washing machine right under the stove but it's kind of convenient!

Okay, so this is my doorway. How exciting.

This is the lifeline of Seoul. I'm pretty much a pro at the subway now :-) If you'd like to see where I live, you can maximize this picture and I've added an arrow.

I have pictures everywhere and I love it. Every where I look I am reminded of the people I love.
Don't you love my bedding? Bright? Beautiful? Well...it could be worse. Korean people have a very curious obsession with Mickey Mouse so I guess flowers and butterflies and bright pink is just fine!

Oh looky there. There's a picture of my cheesy brother, and my cute parents, and Vanessa laughing, and Jen and me in Lake Geneva...and well...all the people I love. My world is full of amazing people!

That's my desk. Duh. The window is fantastic. I look out onto the busy street and I can see the sun rise on a good day.

And there is the air conditioner...a blessing! And don't you just love that wall paper?

Here. I thought I'd give you a close up of the wall paper. If you want, I can bring some home for you! I mean...don't you just want that on your bedroom walls?

And here is my bathroom. It's small, but functional. You can see the shower head hooked on the wall. There isn't a shower really. You just stand in front of the sink and use the hose. There is a drain in the floor. It works pretty well actually. I like it. I just have to be careful not to spray the toilet paper.

And here is my piggy. This is to remind me to throw away the toilet paper instead of flushing it. This is a habit that is hard to break. Every time I forget and accidentally flush the toilet paper I cringe and hope that the pipes don't explode.

And lastly, here is the remote that controls it all. Ha! Dad, you think it's confusing to figure out the three different remotes that you have for the tv, cable, and VCR? Well, this thing controls my water heat, my floor heat, and some other things that I'm not sure of. I'm getting the hang of it, but it's a chore!
So hey, thanks for coming over for a visit. Next time you're hear maybe I can make a pot of coffee!


Jen said...

You have been a most hospitable host. I can't wait to have coffee with you again some time.

Dustin and Stacey said...

You have made the place very cute! Thanks for sharing pics! :) Love ya! Miss ya!