hot and mushy in a plastic bag...

In this picture I was _____________

(a) taking out the trash?

(b) cleaning up after the dog's business?

(c) getting ready to enjoy a delightful lunch?

You guessed it! (Hopefully. I have faith in you. I don't even have a dog!)

On today's menu-- duk bok ki

Yum! And I bought it from a sweet older woman in a tent on the corner!


Dustin and Stacey said...

so...what was in it?

My name is April. said...

Well the things that look like marshmallows are these dumpling like things made out of rice They are think and chewy, kinda like that gnocci stuff that mom likes to make. And then the meat-like thing is a seafood patty...I didn't eat that part. And the sauce is sorta hard to explain. It's like a sweet, spicy, chili, tomoto type sauce. It's good. Not my favorite Korean dish, but for 2 bucks it was quite filling and satisfying! The adventure continues, there are so many interesting looking things here.

Anonymous said...

Wow. No fancy to-go containers there!

Brad said...

Hi April, so great to hear about the beginnings of your adventure. Lunch in a plastic bag is exactly the kind of thing that I image you're going to be confronted with on a daily basis: things that are familiar but not quite normal to us, yet make perfect sense when you step back from them.