sunday is a day of rest, from all things.

I saw this sign in the subway yesterday and it made me laugh. But it was also quite timely. It was indeed a "feeling fine" day for me. Last week was miserable and difficult and awkward and humiliating and on more than one occasion I wanted to quit. But I made it through the tests and agony and on Friday I shadowed a class at my school. Once I spent some time with the kids I felt calmed and confident. The kids are amazing. The school is nothing at all like the training.

Today is Sunday. Today is another day of rest for me, but not just from work. Today I went grocery shopping and I found ingredients for spaghetti! Oh my gosh, I got so excited!!!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the food here but it is such an extreme difference from what I eat in America. The thought of comfort food was almost overwhelming. I think I might designate Sundays as my Amercian food day...maybe. Or maybe my taste buds will keep falling in love the the Korean cuisine.

I compromised and I ate my spaghetti with chopsticks. Jen, I've made a huge improvement, you'd be proud of me!

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Jen said...

I am always proud of you but the fact that you were able to conquer chopsticks is just one more reason why you are one of my favorite people. I miss you like crazy!!!!