b.f.f. in korea

A b.f.f. from Australia came to visit me this past week. Our friendship was born in the mountains of Switzerland 3 years ago and like many L'Abri friends, he is a friend for life.


What is it that makes someone a friend for life?

This is a question I asked myself with eyes full of tears as I said goodbye to him and boarded the bus to work. Why do I love him so much? Why is his friendship so meaningful that it changes who I am? What is it that sets this friendship apart from so many others?

It must be Christ.

As I cherish the special people in my life, I realize just how much the Lord uses people to express his love to me. In other words, we---that means YOU, are all connected. We matter to God, and we matter to each other. And I think when we finally understand what (or who) it is that we live for, we will also understand how much we together can represent the purpose of God.

Maybe that's an awful deep thought for a silly little post about my friend's visit. But think about it will you?

And while you're thinking about it, enjoy these fun pictures.

P1040094 - Copy
P1040095 - Copy
P1040096 - Copy
P1040103 - Copy

Kenton, you are Christ to me,
we are Christ together to others,
and you teach me to love God
and others with more intention and joy.
Thank you for who you are in this world.
And thanks for visiting.
And just a little reminder-
If you do your homework and study hard...
next time you won't get an F- - - - - in my class.
Okay? Okay.

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Jen said...

Apes, oh how I miss you! It sounds like you had a great visit and I love the pics. You are right there is something about those friendships that are grounded in Christ that have such a beauty about them. No doubt it is because we are working together to bring glory to Christ. And what a thought to think that we will actually spend eternity together!