'tis the season!

I think every day should be 'Tis the Season.
I think we'd smile more often.

Below you will find various pictures of recent moments that have made me smile.

It snowed while I was home. As you can see, I was working really hard to help my mom scrape off the car.

I can't even find the right words to describe the Thanksgiving feast. I had 3 meals of leftovers before I had to come back to Korea.

I brought home a can of beondegi. That's 'silkworm larvae' and it's a favorite snack here in Korea. And Jen, my friend, was brave enough to taste it. I'm really proud of her!

Here's a picture of beondegi. Yum! right?

I don't think she liked it.

I was sad to leave home so soon. I would have liked some more time to relax, visit, take walks, and be with my family.
But there was a brilliant sunrise right as the airplane was taking off.

Here's a picture from the runway.

Today I was wandering around E-dae with a friend and I found this great little shop.

I decorated my apartment.

I lit some candles.

And I made my first batch of Christmas goodness.

What are you smiling about these days?


Jen said...

You are right I didn't like the beondegi very much. It isn't something I would want to eat, well, ever again. And this post made me smile. As well as our time together while you were home. Then there is a cookie exchange this weekend and the thought of decorating and baking for the Christmas season, that makes me smile. So there are just a few examples of what I am smiling about.

silly, selfish, and searching... said...

hi, my friend! these past few days have been full of a whole lot of not so smiling janean faces....i seem to be trudging my way through a funk...it is nice to see reasons why others smile because it reminds me that i have more than enough to be smiling about!

ps. sewing machine remains unfixed :(
pss. :)