have yourself a merry little christmas now

I've downloaded 11 different versions of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and I've listened to the playlist 4 times now. I think my favorites are Sarah Groves, Diana Krall, Coldplay, and James Taylor.

And in my quiet evening home, I just finished making:


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Anonymous said...

Now, I assume those are chocolatey Rice Krispy treats by the ingredients and finished product. However, I am aware of some of the stuff you eat and in that mix somewhere there were clumps and slimy stuff. You didn't have any of those canned larvae things you brought home in there did you?

Are you getting excited about Christmas? Do you have some plans with friends there? Well, love hearing about your adventures. And hey, I like the movies (even if they are kinda gross)and all the pictures 'cus then I can experience it safely! haha and don't have to eat it! Do you have enuf chocolate? Love, Sue