all grown up, almost

THIS is depressing!
(left to right: Karina Scott, me, Stacey, Caitlin Bogue)
This picture was taken a few weeks ago at Nick's graduation party.
These are the children that Stacey and I used to babysit! I changed their diapers! I remember when they were born! And NOW LOOK WHO'S THE SHORTEST PERSON IN THAT PICTURE?
I suppose this should make me feel like a proud parent or something. I should be proud that they have grown up into such special young ladies! But I have to grumble at least a little since I feel like maybe I'm shrinking or something.
...hey wait, Stacey, are you shorter than me?


Stace said...

I don't think so! :) I think we're about the same. Nice try though!

silly, selfish, and searching... said...

you're soooo cute! you knew me in my "baby" years....such a little youngling...always cuddling on your bed, eating your food...and being picked on by my bully of an RA who would stick popsicles down my butt while i was fast asleep...remember? oh wait, how could you forget??? you were that RA!! silly me...so forgetful in my older, mature-er years!!! :) nah, i love you long time...and you're not that much of a bully... ;)