cat food

This is semi-embarrassing.

Last night I went to buy cat food for my darling pet. I'm trying to take care in buying him good food since he's getting older and I want him to live a long LONG time!

So I found this great natural food by a brand called Wellness. I was so impressed! Instead of putting a bunch of crap in their food they use human-grade deboned chicken, berries, vegetables, grains, and fish oil. This food has a 5-paw rating!!!

I paid a little extra for the food but I was happy to know that my precious pal would be eating healthy.

....so I finished up at Pet World, drove down the street and ate a delicious McDonalds Happy Meal. Yum!!! (so....what's wrong with this story?)

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silly, selfish, and searching... said...

oh the irony of it all! it's just like people who order a fatty, supersized meal with a diet soda...so silly. how bout a garden burger with a crap load of mayo...or salad with too much dressing...it's like a bowl full of doodoo and tp but not enough water...kinda...whatever...my point: we're all so silly...