keep walking

Last night I walked for 3 miles. That makes 11 miles for the week (so far). I do feel great, I won't lie.

I spent most of the walk gazing at the moon. How beautiful this earth is! Oh how much we miss when we are too busy to stop and notice. The sky, the trees, the leaves, the beach, the sand...they live and breathe and they are just waiting to be noticed.


Dustin and Stacey said...

Awesome! I'm happy for you! Glad you feel good too! It is truly interesting what you see when you really take the time to relax and look. We're going backpacking this weekend and I can't wait to completely get out of civilization and breathe in pure nature. There's something about it that totally revives you!

DW said...

I was driving at the top of one of the hills that overlooks Lake Drive the other night. It was a very clear night, and a very bright moon was shining down on the blackness of the lake. From the high vantage point, you could see the moonlight spread way out across the water in a giant pool. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it before.

Take advantage of that lakefront scenery! It always helps me forget that I'm exercising when I'm running or walking down there.