I have 5 of these. Inspire me please! I'm looking for creative ideas.
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The Domestic Intellectual said...

The best use for old windows? Coldframes! You build a box out of 1x6 and put the windows on top and you can start seedlings outside in dirt and mulch in Feb! Even up here.

Second, collage the back of the glass and hang them on the wall. Very cool and like how it looks. In a similar vein, you can do a collage, set up a shadow box or put a piece of artwork on a board and mount the window over it for another interesting art form.

I'll drop you another line if I think of any other options:-)

bethany said...

i agree with hanging them on the wall! buy a big piece of patterned paper and attach it behind the window.

or, you could buy some hooks and make it into a coatrack mounted on the wall.

Mom said...

I've always thought it would be cool to paint something on the window...sort of like stained glass??

Eden said...

coffee table tops