down down down way beneath the weather

Man down!

I'm sick.

Yucky sick, thick, heavy, sluggish. Everything seems to take so much energy. Even thinking takes effort. I'm exhausted just by the thought of any given task.

This bug is a mean one.

I've been in and out of work all week. Hopefully I am climbing upwards into fresh breathing and invigoration. Let's hope!

I got two new seasons of Friends in the mail this week. I started on season 5 last night but I didn't even make it through the first episode. Sleep....sleep overcame me.

I slept from 5:00-9:00 on the couch. My new llama slippers,
my big squishy pillow,
a big heavy down blanket...
what more could I ask for?

I had some weird dreams. I was humiliated by a very mean professor who kicked me out of her speech class. And I located a friend who had ran away from home.

But today, today I'm feeling better. My voice is crackling it's way back to it's norm and I'm considering my power-flex weightlifting class tonight. We'll see, it's still too early to tell.

Love you all!


silly, selfish, and searching... said...

glad to hear you're crackling yourself back to normal....and have a car window! YAY DAD! as i read about your down comforter and couch, i imagined myself crawling into that wonderful bed of yours in college.......who wouldn't love to open their door after a long day and find janean snuggled away! aaaand, who wouldn't LOVE to wake her up with otter pops!?!?!! yes, i still remember. but i'm over it....almost ;) love love

My name is April. said...

Ahh Janean. That just so happened to be the exact same down comforter from college...that very same comforter with which you frequently snuggled. Oh the memories! You really aren't forgetting about that otter pop incident are you? I suppose it was kinda mean huh?

Dustin and Stacey said...

feel better sister!