There are so many things happening in my life right now. I am overwhelmed. I have heartburn and I know it's related to stress. And my stomach has been sensitive too. Everything is in order, it's just moving so quickly and it's constant. I'm holding my breath, and just one hiccup could throw everything into disarray.
Pray for me. Please.

For those of you who are uninformed, stay tuned for updates. I'll explain everything later.

Love to you all.


haras said...

I've found that current stresses cause me to be really cold and i even start shivering and my teeth chatter. also i have to pee a lot.

i'll probably elaborate at some point, i just don't feel that right now is a good time, because there isn't an actual outcome yet.

MK said...

good luck w/everything. you'll be fine.

Tracey said...

thinking of you! Praying too.

Momma Amy said...

Now I'm curious. Try to fit in some down time, if possible. :) Your in my prayers!