Kids. They make me laugh.

I've been working at Chili's for the past couple of months. It's a fun job, especially when I am able to interact with kids.

Last week I had a table with 3 little boys. After their dinner, the oldest boy (6 years old) got my attention.

He said, "Excuse me!! Excuse me!!!"
(I turned around)
"I think I know you", he said.
"Yes, I think I've seen you before...at my school. Aren't you the lady that cleans the bathroom?"

Last night I had a table with a little girl, she was 5 years old and very proud to tell me so. She ordered Mac and Cheese for dinner.

I crouched down next to her and I said "Can I tell you a secret?"
She said "What?"
I said "Mac and Cheese is my favorite thing to eat!"
She became very excited and said in a loud voice
"ME TOO!!!"
Then she said "Macaroni and Cheese is my favorite, and you know what? You're my favorite too!!!!"

One more...

I served a family with a little boy who was 6 years old. He was playing with this cool cowboy action figure.

I said "That's a pretty cool cowboy you have!"
He showed it to me with pride.
I said "Are you going to be a cowboy when you grow up?"
He said, "No, when I grow up I want to be like you!"


Carmi said...

I find it inspiring how you find the joy in your role. The restaurant and its patrons are very lucky to have you.

Hope you're feeling better, btw. Coincidentally, I think I'm on my way back into our sick bay. Bummer.

silly, selfish, and searching... said...


Eden said...

oh, those are great. wow, i can't believe you're leaving the country for such a different place! i mean, i guess i can because you are so interesting and adventuresome yourself.

Anonymous said...

Kids are the best! It's amazing how the smallest words they say, can mean so much. Just because you know it's directly from the heart! No sugar coating, it didn't go through a 5-step filtering process before you finally heard what they wanted to say, they just blurt it out, like it or not. I love talking to kids.