answered prayer

Someone asked me "So how are you doing? Are things coming together for you?"

My reply was "Oh gosh, I have so much going on. It's a huge process, I'm so busy, there's never enough time to do everything I should..." and the conversation continued in that way.

And later I realized something. God has been so faithful to me. Many people have been praying for me and encouraging me and helping me. I'm finding time to sleep, my finances are coming together, I was able to spend the weekend in Springfield with my sister, and my mom has been helping me with my Maid of Honor responsibilities... I'm actually quite fine. I am rested and organzied and enjoying everything. I feel like I am covered with a grace that is unexplainable. Everything is working out, I'm just buckled in for the ride.

Shame on me for letting my mouth run with all the reasons why my life is so chaotic. It's not! God has been faithful and I'm surrounded by a peaceful feeling! Shame on me for failing to cherish this gift of peace.

The moral of this story? When you pray for God to help you, make sure you give him the credit when everything comes together!


Josh L - SQE Video said...

SHAME on you! That's all I can say...


My name is April. said...

Lol, thanks Josh. Thanks for affirming my shame :-)