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Dictionary.com Word of the Day: salubrious \suh-LOO-bree-us\, adjective:
Favorable to health; promoting health; healthful.

Use this word in a sentence: I learned today that my Nalgene bottle is not a salubrious item to possess.

Thanks to my sister Stacey for informing me (Thanks Sis for ruining my day) I have learned that my Nalgene bottle is created with a certain chemical (bisphenol A) and it may cause diseases such as breast cancer, obesity, hyperactivity, miscarriages and/or other reproductive failures.

I have a very committed and loving relationship with my Nalgene bottle. I take it everywhere and I'm lonely when I forget it. I prefer it over any other type/brand of drinking bottle and for a while I even had a cool flashlight that attached to the lid (until some jerk broke into my car and stole it). Through frantic research I have learned that Nalgene is taking care of this bisphenol A chemical and they have created and are perfecting new bottles that are quite salubrious indeed!

You can read about this HERE and HERE.


Josh L - SQE Video said...

Wow! Man. It'll always be something. If 1 things not killing us, it's something else. Cell phones, sunscreen, the sun, tanning beds, trans fats, aaaaaah!!!

kevin said...

Hey Shmapril-
You missed a great Gallery night last night!

Dustin and Stacey said...

Awww! I'm so sorry! :) Love ya!

Rachael said...

Yeah, I mourned too when I found out a couple months ago. Paul bought me a nice stainless steel water bottle that has taken the place of all those polycarbonate bottles. I like it. Perhaps just because it's red, but I do like it :-) Best wishes on your search for a new one.

stephanie said...

Hey, I just clicked over here from Luz's blog. And it's funny that I happened to do that today, 'cuz I actually just did a post about how much I love my Nalgene bottles and am freaked out about the news. (A little late, I know, but I'm kind of in denial.) Anyway, just wanted to say hi and, if it's any consolation, I feel your pain.