dr. fish

"What the heck is this?", you ask?

Let me tell you.

Today I visited a cafe called Tree Shade where they provided a great little therapy treat called "Dr. Fish". In the picture above, you can see my feet in the pool of water, being nibbled by a bunch of fish. Those little boogers are eating all the dead skin off my feet. Grossly cool huh?

Here's a little video for you.

It was really cool actually. It tickled, and my friend Ami and I laughed a lot. But the little fish nibbled away for 20 minutes while we enjoyed a nice chat about life. And now our feet are nice and soft and fresh!

The cafe was really great. I think I'll visit often. Ami and I had a nice chat about life and good things. It was nice to be with a friend. Ami teaches at CDI with me.

Note: Those of you who are planning visit me--Be prepared for Dr. Fish! It's a must!


Momma Amy said...

I have heard about these little fish several times lately. Looks fun?! :)

You seem to be having quite an adventure over there. I am really enjoying all your pictures and posts!


Anonymous said...

Yup, I've also heard of this, and I'm so glad you did it! I've been wanting to hear a first hand account of this crazy practice! What a wacky idea, and yet, is strangely interesting. Fish eating dead skin...gross. So what if you have athlete's foot?! Is that like someone setting a Ruth's Chris steak down in front of a hungry business man? I wonder if it could cure athletes foot. I wonder how sanitary this is! Could you CATCH athlete's foot from this water?!

Dustin and Stacey said...

That's so funny! I just heard about that and was wondering how it was.

TulipGirl said...

Oh my goodness! I've NEVER heard of this. I'd totally do it, though. . .

Bobbie said...

That looks fun, April. It's nice to hear your voice over the video.