party like there's no tomorrow

Summer classes are finally finished. What a relief! I enjoyed my classes but the schedule was exhausting. Last night we had a work party. It was nice to be gathered together for play rather than work. I enjoyed myself so very much. Many stressful days were built up inside of me. Being able to relax, to laugh, to share, to drink (too much), to dance dance dance the night away...it was just what I needed-emotionally, physically, and even culturally.

Here is a picture from dinner. The woman in the middle is my boss.

Dinner was Korean BBQ. It is tied for first place in my list of favorite Korean meals. I like how communal it is. Some of my favorite conversations have happened around a bbq table.

The final phase of the night was Noraebang (Kareoke!) Another first experience for me, and one that I liked very much! Here we are dancing the night away in our private room. Notice the disco ball, the tamborines... The thrill and the joy and the energy was invigorating!
Well, it was invigorating until I stumbled home at 4:30 in the morning. I'll spare you the details of my first hangover, and the laughs as we all joined together for another evening of work.

And listen to our beautiful voices! We should start a band, or a dance group, or something...
Still loving my time here in Korea. Miss you all, really, miss you a lot!

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Momma Amy said...

That looks like tons of fun!!